InfraMation 2018 Poster Presentations

Presentation tracks

Building Condition Monitoring R&S / NDT / Other Optical Gas Imaging Life General UAV Automation Safety
6:15-9:00pm Aerial Substation Thermography
Dusty Birge, UAV Recon
Abstract & Bio >
Cost Effectiveness of Periodic Roof Membrane Monitoringy
Jim Smart, BWXT
Abstract & Bio >
Using Thermal-Enabled Smartphone Apps to Expand your TAM and Increase Sales of Professional Thermography Products and Services.
Cal Loo, FLIR Systems, Inc.
Abstract & Bio >
Proper Temperature for Nacho Chips
Kevin Bresee, John Deere REman Electronics
Abstract & Bio >
"Viewing the Invisible" - An Insight into the Infrared Thermography Program at Atlantic LNG
Randy O'Rosco, Atlantic LNG Company of Trinidad and Tobago Limited
Abstract & Bio >
Mechanical Applications for Industrial Infrared
Frederick Gallardo, IVC Technologies
Abstract & Bio >
Use of Infrared Thermography in Krsko Nuclear Power Plant
Bojan Klavzar, Krsko Nuclear Power Plant
Abstract & Bio >
Case Study of Building Envelope Water Test Using Infrared Imaging
Liyen Kan, Simpson Gumpertz & Heger
Abstract & Bio >
Identifying Polar Bears in the Arctic with Infrared
Harley Denio, Accurate Infrared LLC
Abstract & Bio >
Unintended Consequences of Bearing Maintenance
Hank Herber, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Abstract & Bio >
Energy Efficiency of Different Sauna Types, Studied with Thermography
Frank Pinno, University of Applied Sciences Brandenburg
Abstract & Bio >
Acid Tank Cleaning and Generator Collector Brush Rigging
Tim Smith, Entergy
Abstract & Bio >
Monitoring System for Phreatic Eruptions and Thermal Behavior on Poás Volcano with Permanent IR and HD Cameras
Carlos Ramírez, Volcanoes Without Borders
Abstract & Bio >
Second Edition of Standard Textbook on IR Imaging: The Ultimate Resource for All Users
Klaus-Peter Möllmann, University of Applied Sciences Brandenburg
Abstract & Bio >
Thermal Study on the Mechanical Efficiency of the CVT system for BAJA SAE Vehicle
Santiago Arango, ITESM Toluca
Abstract & Bio >
Practical Research for Quantitative Expression of Leakage Through Optical Gas Imaging
Jerry Kim
Abstract & Bio >
Troubleshooting Circuit Boards Using Thermology
Kevin Bresee, John Deere Reman Electronics
Abstract & Bio >

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